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Meaningful Searches, Exits and Traps ?>

Meaningful Searches, Exits and Traps

  The (Post-)Modern Search for Meaning: Tolstoy’s Escape from the Trap   A Reflection by Sean Howard   For the last few years, a close friend has been complaining, with light touch but increasingly heavy heart, of a deep-seated creative malaise, an impasse in his search for an authentic voice and message. Among other sources, his depression can be traced to his intense and academically accomplished engagement with Wittgenstein, whose humbling exposé of the ‘language game’ – and, therewith, what…

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Tony Jones: The Perils of Binary Thinking ?>

Tony Jones: The Perils of Binary Thinking

  Friday, March 28th, 2008 Another way of saying “binary thinking” is “dualistic thinking.” It’s become something of a cliche in postmodernity to decry “western dualism,” so I’m going to avoid the phrase to stave off my own boredom and perhaps make a more trenchant point. I’ve noticed that North Americans are terrible about seeing things in (cliche again) “black” and “white”, good or bad, this or that. To some extent, just to use ordinary conversational english you have to…

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