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New Poetry by Ann Applegarth ?>

New Poetry by Ann Applegarth

A PLACE IN THE SUN      – basking before Earl Stroh’s “Sunscape” In the museum I love, we stroll and consider paintings, sculptures, and a few random examples of what passes for art in this 21st century. Weary, we sit and gaze at Stroh’s serene, soothing Sunscape – palest oils smoothed in stunning simplicity, no trace of brush or canvas, a silk veil of softest paint encircled by slim silver wire. Glow and warmth are palpable. I should have brought…

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New Poetry by Daniel Ableev ?>

New Poetry by Daniel Ableev

From 8 NONSEMES   Oh complex Gran,let there finally be thy numbers:First 1 Pafnutian opinion,thereafter 3 poseiding whales. What have I left behind but old suffering.Not head, not feet hold me here.It was farmer’s naught, obviously,by the name of Walter. Yesterday was “hihi” ridicule,today death is to be applied.Yesterday: “dadance,”today: thy soul’s distress. Complex iterationsseem to the eighth vieweras rather dull sonuds/echeos,redolent of unsense, dumb-as-lake. Gunners from all over,gunners from every frikkin’ state out there:Flirting with dadasteris the way to…

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George Spencer: god: a quarterback without a playbook ?>

George Spencer: god: a quarterback without a playbook

god gets nervous when we get too close to him — rene leclerc. god and his ways  attention flutters, takes a walk. the narrative grinds on boards so marched over aging thespians throw lines away. cell phones buzz. messages zing round our heads.  red onions eavesdrop and gossip underground. all’s so bland road-kill is news  as a worm is cut in half by the gardener’s shovel   but still they repeat beautiful the dew, lovely the garden.   there’s blood in my…

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New Poetry by Rehan Qayoom ?>

New Poetry by Rehan Qayoom

Years of research and a line of verse The paper detritus is left behind My pipe is full of butt-ends from the grate Fit them all in anywhere How much do you want of me? How much can you take? What do I have to do to win your emotions, or am I beyond redemption? *ני לעצמי, מה אני; ואם לא עכשיו, אימתאם אין אני לי, מי לי; וכשא This city fell a long time ago Taken (not by impercipiently…

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Death and the Mountain ?>

Death and the Mountain

I The splinter of sunrise in the mind Before the wind shifts And the beacon fades All of life is a furtive glance By death By death in life Unless we laugh and make that splinter Shine Make it manifest as full beam As entire sun Entire world   II The girl feared no one would care She feared no one would come after her But Van Gogh watched And Van Gogh cared As she walked into the horizon alone…

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New Poetry From Colin James ?>

New Poetry From Colin James

WAITING FOR MY HONEY IN FRONT OF THE SENATOR THEATER   On the theater’s door a few written words, “This Theater Will Be Closed Until A Run On Sentences Adequately Compensates.” The leather chairs varnish their legs. A thick green compensates carpets and cashier. No coming attractions, instead a slat beneath a portrait with one eye missing occasionally. No mints either, just the smell of insatiable consequence. As if the balcony stairs could be arrogant or led away.    …

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Rebecca Lee: Extemporaneous Love ?>

Rebecca Lee: Extemporaneous Love

The Possibilities   Extemporaneous doesn’t fit. If he were truly Extemporaneous, his syllables wouldn’t stop up the sentence. Something short like ‘cut’ or ‘pretty’ might be in style, but four syllables is not off the cuff. Extemporaneous peers quizzically over small bits of party food. The party-goer closest, hunches – tiny teeth exposed. He warns off all other Possibilities of trying to snack. The caviar is barricaded by Verboten Love. With swimmable sweaters still tight, Verboten sits in front, blocking…

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