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Month: February 2008

Winds Beyond the Howl

Winds Beyond the Howl


The furthering of the snow
The snowing of the snow

As it covers the earth
With a white wind and nothing gentle
Nothing hesitant

It flies berserk and vociferous
Plummets left to right
Unholy and obdurate
Like Genghis Khan in the spring

And I count down the numbers
The ten numbers of my own legend

As I wait for the white to rise
From the Earth and fall
From the pregnant grey
I can no longer see

Covered in that white

Hidden from that view
From the farms and churches and mountains
Topped with my deliverance

It is the night of the day
Our circle cracked
Our band of merciless friends once linked
By knowledge and risk and alchemical
Delirium like mages on intellectual parade

The break came with the revelation
That one of us wanted happiness
Wanted calm and love and warmth
Not perpetual self-destruction
Or destruction of other selves

Cast out that other self
Is here
In the furthering whiteness
Closer to that nothingness
Stevens imagined he heard



— By Douglas Pinson


Copyright © 2008 Spinozoblue and Douglas Pinson. |To be Continued “Winds Beyond the Howl”

Abbey Linfert: Day in the Life

Abbey Linfert: Day in the Life

There are days when I curse being a musician. I work long hours for a ridiculously small wage and often under crummy conditions. Think about the loudest, dirtiest, smokiest bar you have visited with your pals in the last 12 months. I have probably performed there, or at least some place exactly like it. In fact the word performed probably needs the qualifier of “tried to” before it, because like the fabled tree falling in the forest, if you are playing for an audience where no one is listening, are you really performing? I have performed during bar fights and public break ups straight out of a Hollywood movie.… |To be Continued “Abbey Linfert: Day in the Life”

Symbol Balance the Night

Symbol Balance the Night

Welcome to our little corner of the virtual world. This is a very brief introductory post, just letting readers know that should be filled with content in a week or so. Feel free to check out the links in the meantime, and please come back to read our original essays, reviews, fiction and poetry.

So far, we have a short piece by folksinger Abbey Linfert, and some poetry by yours truly. Abbey has had a rich career so far, for one so young. Much traveled, her music much admired, she offers an interesting take on the difference between certain kinds of audiences and venues.… |To be Continued “Symbol Balance the Night”

New Fangled Poeticus

New Fangled Poeticus

Extremis Profundis

The stretch
Of internal diameters of the heart
Beyond the breaking point
Augmented by music


Not like the sea but like the space
Between the inside of your eyes
And what’s outside

Not like the sky but the line
Between extremes of grief
And apathy

As if you know the music will never end
Never crest
Never roil back on the other side

And it is death that does this and death
And near death and pain suffered
From watching that death unfold


The music goes blue blue like
The stretch of notes rising
Higher toward a believer’s heaven
Higher above a skeptic’s hometown



By Douglas Pinson

Copyright © 2008 Spinozablue and Douglas Pinson. |To be Continued “New Fangled Poeticus”

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