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Woman on the Strand

Woman on the Strand

Miranda — The Tempest. By John William Waterhouse. 1916

 We have new poetry from Ann Applegarth below.

The ocean, the strand, the interaction between self and sea, between our Being in the world versus our Seeing in the world . . .

Humanity long ago left the realm of an easy oneness with Nature, but a parallel belief held on, at least through the Romantic period: women were naturally still with Her. Nature itself was feminine. Men had lost the link, but not women, and men could retain that link indirectly through women.

Women no doubt view this male construct somewhat differently. Perhaps radically so. Some may find it offensive, sad, silly, amusing, and a host of other things. . . . Read more. “Woman on the Strand”

You Know Them Well: New Poems by Ann Applegarth

You Know Them Well: New Poems by Ann Applegarth


I smelled the sea today!

The aroma of salt-crusted roses,
of mother-of-pearl, of adventure,
shared its romance
one who is
no part of it.





I never was a woman who could
fling a hank of lustrous hair over her right
shoulder to punctuate declarative
sentences, or one who appears fragile
and small when crying.

Those glossy women have the edge
in life, while the rest of us struggle
against the odds, groping for words
to fling, words that seldom have the
texture of silk or the immediacy of a
gracefully executed feminine gesture.

And when we cry
oh, when we cry, our bodies grow
steel-like and huge, our blotched faces
contort, and our discordant sobs
reverberate even unto three generations. . . . Read more. “You Know Them Well: New Poems by Ann Applegarth”

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