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The Pressure of Love: Jessica McFadden

The Pressure of Love: Jessica McFadden

 The Pressure of Love


Electrode laden, head bound
with elastic and needles    of gel; a moment
of security and peace— machines
running warm, energy’s lulling
sound, fluorescent
light and fluorescent walls: a lover
in a lab coat clears
her throat
and fidgets with cords.
A lover’s soles
against linoleum, the laden brain
excites the coated lover
whose foreplay
is an intricate setting
up of connections, plugging
the brain up
to machines
after rubbing skins: some call the act
of abrasion the beginning
of a sacred conception.

                                     Both the heating
and the cooling
of body and brain, lover and machine
fall into a space
and pain. The child
of connectivity appears      on a plot
of wave
forms that turn
the lover into a parent
of interpretation
   long after
the brain detaches     from the clamps
of its lover. . . . Read more. “The Pressure of Love: Jessica McFadden”

New Poetry by Felino Soriano

New Poetry by Felino Soriano



eyes ensemble             truant disbelief

burgeoned cultural


            denounce         cultivated


                        fathoms amid fulcrum of

asymmetry’s desirous




uneven distribution of unraveling sadness

            these listeners              combining                   ecumenical (gradations of such interest)


methods of attentive multifunction









                        oscillation the

                                                            watchers becoming a listening emblem, interpreting

howl of hollow contours

combining enigma                   ventilating enunciating hanker among

solid veracity this


vacant summary out(cast)side


wanderers of diligent proclamation



— by Felino Soriano


 Copyright© 2012, by Felino Soriano. All Rights. Reserved.



Felino A. Soriano is a case manager and advocate for adults with developmental and physical disabilities.  Recent poetry collections include Intentions of Aligned Demarcations (Desperanto, 2011), Pathos etched, recalled: (white sky books, 2011), and Divaricated, Spatial Aggregates (limit cycle press, 2011).  . . . Read more. “New Poetry by Felino Soriano”

Some Illusions Before Dawn

Some Illusions Before Dawn

Wheat Field With Crows, by Vincent Van Gogh. 1890
Wheat Field With Crows, by Vincent Van Gogh. 1890


Forty Illusions Before Midnight


Birds never fly away
Fish never swim away
The sun never sets

We are idiots of ego

The only revolutions
That matter are the violent ones
The ones that force us to cast off

Me mine me mine

The only revolutions that matter
Are those that reveal
All is relative

All is contingent and evanescent
Like the leaf that falls because

 She says so

The earth is not the center
Man is not the center
The self is not the center

Through time
There is no time

The great prophets
From Buddha to Einstein
Knew this        and

Tell us to let go


Those who do not preach this
Are not great
Those who do not break us

From the habit of me me
Are not shattering




— by Douglas Pinson



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