Pre-Bloomsday News and Notes

Pre-Bloomsday News and Notes


Great website for festivities this week. From the James Joyce Centre in Dublin.

Shows a listing for events all over the world. If you’re lucky enough to be in Ireland this week for the celebration, and would like your photography displayed on the web, please drop us a line, or two, or three.


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On a somewhat related note . . .

The Celtic Twilight
Was more than a dark ruse
More than a way
To craft an independence of mind

And spirit

Free from English dominance
And Big Houses

And colonial rule

It was a way to remind the British
That their land had once been
A Celtic Twilight too

And that another imperial power
Had once done what it could to crush
The life out of druid and muse
In the land of Stonehenge

Eternal Rome!

It was a way to remind
All imperial powers
That they once were
On the other end of the whip

And the sword and the gun
The Celtic Twilight was a time
For all times to come
And for that elusive
Allusive ladder

At the center of the Republic
Of Letters
For all of us
East West North and South




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