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Labor and Amnesia

Labor and Amnesia

Jack of all Trades, by Bruce Springsteen

The reactionary mind must have an enemy, or two, or three. It must always believe it is threatened by something dire (and Other), and must rally to fight that threat — whether that threat truly exists or not. Nine times out of ten, the threat as described is pure invention, and the powers that be manipulate reactionaries further down the totem poll, play them like violins, hypnotize them like sheep. Those pulling the strings know full well that the threat they describe does not exist, but they gain greater power when they create bogeymen, as this distracts the masses from their true enemies — those who strip the value of (and from) labor, endlessly redistribute it upward, and concentrate all value at the top. . . . Read more. “Labor and Amnesia”

Lustful Celebrations

Lustful Celebrations

Hidden Mountain Woods
Hidden Mountain Woods



The Wildest Night of the New Moon



Detachment from
Separation from
One’s life like a window

Not an eye gazing through
The odd gap in the wall

But the hole the gap the window itself

With nothing there on either side

No cross
No reflection
Nothing to reflect

Like a portrait of the ideal
Of null

This goes terribly wrong
Shifts focus to blur and haze
And fog without context

Or consent . . . Read more. “Lustful Celebrations”

Chronicle of the Wind-Down Bird

Chronicle of the Wind-Down Bird

Skyline Drive, Virginia
Skyline Drive, Virginia

September brings us new poetry by Ali Zaidi, A. J. Huffman and Raymond Farr. Returning champ, Donal Mahoney, writes about the well-springs of art. And Jack Galmitz favors us with photo collage, which may well magically grow in number over the course of the month . . .

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How does one’s health impact writing, reading and making art in general? How does it derail or derange one’s sense of priorities and connection with life’s mission? I am certainly not alone in thinking about such things in moments such as these, when faced with certain severe alterations to the norm. Pick up most any biography of most any artist and you’ll find maladies aplenty — some so painful, endless and agonizing, you almost feel embarrassed for ever uttering a complaint about your own scenario. . . . Read more. “Chronicle of the Wind-Down Bird”

Ali Znaidi: Aphrodite’s Teeth

Ali Znaidi: Aphrodite’s Teeth

Snow Is Made up of Aphrodite’s Teeth

Teeth of Aphrodite break.
      Chipped snow. Ice.
                     Snow scattered.
The ground moans with satiation.
          Snowwhite stories
               still appeal to
               while Time dissolves
behind closed doors.

A S/tar
Behind a star       tar
the innermost
of a whale
glowing stardom, a version of blackness
engulfed in the deepest unknown seas
shoe polish glows
under layers of dirt

— by Ali Znaidi


Copyright © 2012, by Ali Znaidi. All Rights Reserved.


Ali Znaidi lives in Redeyef, Tunisia. He graduated with a BA in Anglo-American Studies in 2002. He teaches English at Tunisian public secondary schools. He writes poetry and has an interest in literature, languages, and literary translations. . . . Read more. “Ali Znaidi: Aphrodite’s Teeth”

Donal Mahoney: Why We Write

Donal Mahoney: Why We Write

Why Did You Write That?


Anyone who has written fiction or poetry probably has been asked at one time or another, “Why did you write that?” I’ve been asked that question and I have never been able to provide an answer.

Some writers may set out to write a poem that will address an important question about life, such as who we are as human beings and what purpose, if any, we have on Earth. I have never tried to write a poem like that. Nor have I ever written a poem knowing in advance what it might say. I just write down “words” that come to me, provided I like the way they sound and like their “rhythm” when heard together. . . . Read more. “Donal Mahoney: Why We Write”

Raymond Farr: Love and Ennui

Raymond Farr: Love and Ennui


Our Love


The photo of you reading, as a child
on the east side of the willow, is not
enough anymore—a mint on the tongue
in the horrors of evening! But what
do we stand for if not correlations?
We are being snubbed out. We are
glam-ing it down. We are starved for
each other. Are you that indifferent
to what we’ve become? Our lives
are a nightmare always coming to life.
Too much “me” in the mirror. & having
you in the picture just proves we’re
alive. This is the part where death
stacks the deck. We are raging on steroids.
Our fingers are daggers, stabbing at
the first bite of winter breaking. . . . Read more. “Raymond Farr: Love and Ennui”

A. J. Huffman: Walking Trance

A. J. Huffman: Walking Trance

A Waking Trance.  For Two?

I miss your eyes
in the night.
The silent peace
of their closing.
inside a whisper.
They leave
 a bare imprint.
Subconsciously re-assigned.
I consciously resign
to dream
them back into memory.
Each night
they emerge.
Another shape
another shade
another layer.
Soon the image will be soiled.
Faintly glittering.
An ephemeral altar.
For worship
or sacrifice?
Will remain
to be


— A. J. Huffman


Copyright © by A. J. Huffman. All Rights Reserved.


A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She has previously published four collections of poetry: The Difference Between Shadows and Stars, Carrying Yesterday, Cognitive Distortion, and . . . . Read more. “A. J. Huffman: Walking Trance”

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