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Month: May 2017

New Poetry by Natalie Crick

New Poetry by Natalie Crick



That deluge of haze
Just before sundown.

Spring shakes Winter’s hand

Now the day has truly gone.

Street lamps glow
A sodium pink

When blue milk pacifies,
The copper moon sliding up a sleeve of glass,

Her luminous lake
Drowning the city,

A black felt hat against
Heaven’s empty dome.

An indigo deer slips back
Through the shadow of night-green cedar,

Teasing with promise.
I could not look away.



At the End of Autumn


I once watched you ripen like a grape
In the sun’s punishing heat,
Soaking blood into cloth,
Leaves spread under flames,
Flowers brown corpses
Floating face down,
Lilies deformed
Of billowing tongue. . . . Read more. “New Poetry by Natalie Crick”

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