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Day: April 5, 2021

Horrid clichés, New Roads, and old Regrets

Horrid clichés, New Roads, and old Regrets

Photograph by Malcolm Lightbody

Nothing could be less true about life than this: If we just work hard enough . . . if we put our minds and hearts and . . . if we just believe, we can do anything! Nothing can stop us! Nothing!

No. A thousand times no.

Yes, it sounds wonderful to hear, to think, to feel — deeply, or on the surface, only — and the entire business and marketing edifice rests upon our blind acceptance of this sentiment. Beyond the merely commercial, too, it’s one of those “necessary fictions” we humans live for, which makes it far easier to swallow in any form, for any reason. Generation after generation bestows this “gift” (mercilessly) on its children.… Read more “Horrid clichés, New Roads, and old Regrets”

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