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Day: January 19, 2022

The Marketeer’s Lament

The Marketeer’s Lament

Labyrinths are not your friends, by Douglas Pinson Digital painting, 2021.

The lies

The lies they spread
Have become their truth

     I know the pain of such things
As I once stood among them

Bleeding out
Spiraling out

     Trying to fathom
What once was mine

Failing to grow back
To the center

     Yes — the center of all things

Too much to handle so I’m gone
For now and always


     Unless the last tree
Stands against the last wind

And there is more time
For Sapiens to merge

With their good fictions
Against their bad confabs

With their bright legends
Against their terminal myths

     I know the pain of that fight too

     Before I died
I wrote the book on it all
Propaganda pays for a while

Until it doesn’t


— by Douglas Pinson