Month: May 2022

Aftermath: The forgotten

Correlation, by Douglas Pinson. Digital painting, 2022.

Scientific Method

They play they learn
They learn because they play

They assume we will protect them
They assume they are safe

At least for a time —
The fears of a child waver
Come and go
Rise and fall

The fears of a child hover
In the air above their dreams
The tasks at hand
The moments they love

The painting on the desk
The numbers on the page
The language module
In their ears

They are open to the world
In ways we forget
Open to all of it
Their joy their curse

We forget our childhood
And endanger theirs
We forget what they need

Above all else:

Above all else
We want our own toys


— by Douglas Pinson

Sha-la, la-la-la-la, live for today!

It’s only been in recent times that opening credits for TV shows seem to matter artistically, at least to me. I never gave them much thought and would often just skip them if that was an option. But queue up a wonderful show like Pachinko, based on the 2017 novel by Min Jin Lee, and it’s no longer automatic. It can be its own tiny moment of genius, and in this case, the near-perfect blend of music, image, and sheer joy.


The song in question, written originally in Italian, but made famous by The Grass Roots, is arguably the quintessential expression of 1960s rebellion in pop music form.

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