Day: October 20, 2022

New Poems by James Croal Jackson

On Sassafras the KEPT ONES

In the alley toward the strip yellow
plant caution tape walking through trash

valley to Iron City Beer no one
needs to pack bags stepping on

white rocks on Sassafras the KEPT ONES
under clouds. Wonder who makes

it out alive. Plastic bag with Lysol
wipe flapped in the wind when tossed

in the trash. Another event stupidly
beautiful to admire. When I look away

I could crash into sunflower NO PARKING
signs. What masochist places

these in the middle of a long busy stretch
of sidewalk? Now bees won’t leave

me alone in this heat


Write Everything

write a waterfall eroding the sediment of past
words to drip off tongue burn in the crinkle
crackle of sandpaper rocks white walls you speak
against refuse to listen ears plugged with pink
plastic unsustainable their space your space


OK Google

is your volume at two


my mouth my tongue

a computer can’t play stupid

a bad
sign like your tongue itching

let me ask again

tongue itchiness cannabis

I think you want to play it again


should I be worried


—by James Croal Jackson

Copyright © 2022, by James Croal Jackson.

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