Day: May 16, 2024

Poetry by Rekha Valliappan


Dance of the Red Savina

If there is one thing about aspirations
It is that they remind you of trapped fuel
Pocked gestures between sarsen and sun
Where postcards of barreling time circle
Greens and blues of recycled seasons
Till golden orange mix arteries of red
While the shred spread agitates, convulses–

Such foamflower salmonberry splatter
Sugar-scoops overripe dreams in drupes patter
Spilling flamboyance of sambaed fall—
we walk the collective enchantment
Of dragonflies twisting to the turns of time
Nimble tread marked into terpsichore
To revolve, go around, to return, dart
To radiate star fruit symmetry—heel-toe-move
There is a lesson to be learnt

The spectrum finds the strings lost in the raft
Glossy panicles replicate hanging flower racemes
The sprouts tap the crevices streaming with light
Silver shimmers reinsert new veneer to brake
A walled-off rainbow slips away from the sun
A shaft of harvest moon splashes down to the floor
The chosen chaos passes exacting renewed glitter
Chapped cloud-breaks spread mounds of desire
A sunburst of magnitude owed to rippling yield


— by Rekha Valliappan


Copyright © 2024, by Rekha Valliappan.

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