Joan Miro. The Birth of the World. 1925

We are Spinozablue, a Literary Arts Journal with an eclectic heart. Founded in 2008 by Douglas Pinson, the journal is now home to a fine array of poetry, fiction, art, photography, and essays, all of which can be accessed from the Site Archives page.

Spinozablue promotes an internationalism of the Arts that transcends geographical boundaries. Actually, we’re not all that impressed with the idea of boundaries in general, especially when it comes to sharing cultural fruits. The world is one, and we’re open to all of it. So in our little corner of the Internet, Spinozablue strives to build bridges one poem, one short story, and one piece of visual art at a time.

If you’d like to add to the mix, please use our Submissions page for the first contact. If you want to comment on the site in general, or on specific posts, send your emails to (click on)


→ Unsigned works on Spinozablue, unless otherwise noted, were created by Douglas Pinson. Copyright © 2008–2023. All Rights Reserved.

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