Alaska Reid’s Big Sky Blues

I don’t know why. Heard it on the radio and I thought a moment, a place, a thing or two. It’s likely not what she intended. But, artists know all about that. They know once they give birth, the child goes where it will.

So, that’s why, I suppose

Loneliness is not the same as being a alone. You can be profoundly, dangerously lonely in a group, a marriage, a family. You can be deliriously not lonely all by yourself. But when people are lonely, especially in our modern, atomized, exchange-driven, all too impersonal world, it can wreak havoc on the soul, or no-soul, or whatever is or isn’t there. It can be hell.

So what to do? Don’t let your loneliness lead the way. Not ever. Never. Don’t let it drive you beyond yourself, toward other lonely egos, searching for disciples. Or victims. Or scapegoats. Never. Not ever.

Alaska Reid made me think of the above, and I love her discordant ways, the ways she purposely untunes and retunes her voice, her guitar, her vibe. She’s from Montana, Big Sky country, and her videos bring forth coming-of-age there — with a hint of French cinema thrown in for good measure. She’s one to watch.

Alaska Reid’s Big Sky Blues
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