Altea Reincarnate





Look for me after I die
I’m coming back as a cello
All the emotions intact
With cool low sawing notes
Heart rising in the throat
Brought to near ecstasy
By the sweet caress of Yo-Yo Ma
Gently drawing the seductive tones
From my spruce and poplar heart
With his pernambuco slow bow

Notes of longing contentment
Haunting darkness and spiccato joy
My next life of pure passion
The giving and receiving of it
Back and forth artistry
Cruel agony hot caustic erotic
The darkness and joy
Rich romantic vibrato
Of me
The cello





I recall the sound of
dried bougainvillea petals
scuttling down
narrow ancient stone steps
pink petals bunched
at each crooked turn

Altea held in time
along the Costa Blanca
haunted by ghostly Moors
and feral cats
who roam the harbour
in search of a
tossed off cuttlefish

Altea, rising
in stark whiteness
up up to its
blue and gold heavenly dome
where balconies of primordial tears
flow down on
Mediterranean blue


— by Doreen LeBlanc



Doreen LeBlanc lives in Massachusetts and spends vacation time at her cabin in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where she was born.  Inspiration bubbles up out of the river and sea, streams down the mountain, and comes through family stories and the beauty of Cape Breton and her Acadian and Scottish heritage.

Copyright ©2009, by Doreen LeBlanc. All Rights Reserved.



Altea Reincarnate
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