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Charles Tarlton: The Cowboy and the Gambler

Charles Tarlton: The Cowboy and the Gambler


Getting Under the Skin of the Western Movie


The Western Movie per se arises from a matrix of malevolency as the villain’s actions reveal a bleak world beyond society’s normal structure of law and moral order.

The villain’s actions are usually expressions of the sins of violence, betrayal, indifference, and greed that then throw everyone and everything into an anarchy unconstrained by guilt.

The Western Movie story comes into focus amidst these conditions of lawlessness, then, a state of nature where situations are all starkly drawn, and questions of the value of life and death, of honesty, of love, and of courage are suddenly all that matters.… |To be Continued “Charles Tarlton: The Cowboy and the Gambler”

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