Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

Inspiration from Cao Jun’s 

Hymns to Nature Exhibit


Volcanoes are ancient teachers
Rising up from the magma
Core of planet earth
The effluent bringing forth 
All the swirling elements of life
Choking out gaseous 
Fiery energy and chaos
Creating oceans and rivulets
Mountains and savannas 
Landscapes for the tiger 
Spewing lava and ash
For the delicate lotus
To break through 
Reaching to heaven
Painters and poets 
Are modern interpreters 
Of universal truths
Written in calligraphy 
Hidden deep within the 
Caves of The Thousand Buddhas 
All of humanity
Reaching toward the sky 
With brush in hand
Creating their own reality
On blank silk canvas



by Doreen LeBlanc


Copyright© 2019, by Doreen LeBlanc. All Rights Reserved.



Doreen LeBlanc lives in Massachusetts and spends time in summer and fall at her cabin in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where she was born.  Inspiration bubbles up out of the river and sea, streams down the mountain, and comes through family stories and the beauty of Cape Breton and her Acadian and Scottish heritage.


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