Click Click Domino: Best rock song of 2021?

I’ll cast my vote and go further: it’s arguably the best rock song of the 21st century — so far. Penned, sung, riffed and hit out of the park by the British duo, Ida Mae (Christopher Turpin and Stephanie Jean Turpin), this checks all my boxes for entrance into the Hall of Cool, and its niche, Foot Stomping Slanky. “Click Click Domino” is what rock used to mean, and apparently still does to some. Lester Bangs would be proud.

Divine echoes of Etta James, a dose of Humble Pie at the Fillmore, and an early southern-fried Led Zeppelin fill the room right now. It’s also naturally au courant x 10, and I imagine they just don’t care, one way or another. The lyrics tell us that, their stream of consciousness and surreality, updated for (and in opposition to) the Twitter age.

My only quibble with the song, really, is it’s just too short. I wanted more. So in some future world, when we can gather again in groups of thousands, outside, inside, side by side, it would be glorious to hear them do this “live,” extending it into the realm of a few Hendrix units, or Springsteens, or the aforementioned (Humble Pie) Fillmores. As in, minutes become days become weeks become . . . and we’re still dancing joyously on Thunder Road. We’re still dancing in the half moonlight with our lovers and friends, our ambrosia(s) of choice, mixed, of course, with Tupelo honey, because it’s important to be truly rare, to love and be loved, often and well.

Ida Mae’s official website

Click Click Domino: Best rock song of 2021?
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