Cosmically Fresh Mixed Greens

To uncover and explore. New things. Even software. Yeah, I know. It’s not like Brendan the Navigator reaching the New World 1500 years ago. But, well, it’s new to me.

I use a mix of “free hand” drawing and painting, plus the help of geometric shapes here and there, on two of three digital paintings below. With “Cosmic Sunday Blur,” it’s all free hand, using Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app. The latter is interesting, if a bit glitchy. It mimics the act of painting well, and can blend colors too, though it’s far less predictable than old-school, real-world painting.


Which brings me to yet another challenge or two or three. I’m a lefty, in a host of ways. I write, draw, and paint left-handed. Always have. Can’t remember a time when I didn’t, or if anyone tried to get me to stop being left-handed. But I use the mouse with my right hand. And what have I been doing with this ongoing digital revolution of mine, as I’m battering against the walls of the Bastille? Using the mouse, primarily. Right-handed. I’m thinking that earns me a few extra points in this battle with meself over the recent digital takeover.

Less guilt is possible, if I twist and turn and flip and run amok, inside the winding spires of my rapidly disintegrating superego. It’s either that or pay some virtual shrink to unlock repressed memories I’ve likely wiped clean anyway. Cipher /W:C usually gets the job done.


Cosmically Fresh Mixed Greens
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