Damien Healy: Empty Lot

Damien Healy: Empty Lot



Sleep without dreaming,
For fear the dreaming may bring her back.
A motionless snooze,
Congealing everything within a trance.
Slumbering eyes fully open,
To keep succubus at arms length.
Lethargic stillness,
Brought on by umpteen apparitions.
Insecure rest,
Owing to unrequited adoration.
Wayward napping,
Interrupted with unwanted visitants.
The night terrors which haunt me twenty-four seven.


Empty lot


Spirals in squares,
Confined to overgrow the pedestrian walkways of life.
Burrowing knee deep in a chipped teacup,
Excusing misinterpreted foliage for the inconsistencies of its shape.
Dredging through filters of fermented rotting undergrowth,
To find bliss in a sprout of new life, new beginnings and the promises that we haven’t lost all.
In the season of well intentioned nurturing,
Sprinkles of infused verve eclipses every failed beginning.
The man-made structures scaffolding for nature’s opportunistic refugees.
What is lost by man is reclaimed by tenacious Mother Nature.


— by Damien Healy


Copyright ©2013, by Damien Healy. All Rights Reserved.


Damien Healy is from Dublin in Ireland but has been living in Osaka, Japan for the past twenty years. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and teaches English at university. He has recently found the time and energy to start reading and writing poetry and short stories. He is particularly interested in poetry about nature. He has had poems published in The Ofipress, In other words Merida and The Mind[less] Muse to mention a few.


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