Dan Corjescu: Three Poems

Lost Brother
Once I called you “brother”
and this stayed for a long time
But your strong legs
lay like broken brass logs
awkward upon the asphalt
A rusty hatchet
buried deep in the old heart
of another

The 5th
It is said that I should unsay you
that I deny the movements
just so
to wrap up a whole modern city
in an unread newspaper
and love
watch it
leave it
contort down
the long black sleeve of 5th avenue

I don’t know if I could uncertain myself
to your exasperating sense of
you hold all the black petals
red palms of night

Copyright© 2012, by Dan Corjescu. All Rights. Reserved.
Dan Corjescu is a Romanian-Brazilian poet living in Sofia, Bulgaria who writes verse in English as well as in other languages. Some of his poetry has been published or is forthcoming in “A Bad Penny Review”  “Burner Magazine” “Quantum Poetry Review” “Red River Review” “Three Line Poetry” and “L’allure des Mots.”  Dan was also published in Mario Fratti’s Anthology “Thank you, Mr. Gorbachev!”

Dan Corjescu: Three Poems
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