David Groulx’s Wrathful Day

Dies Irae

day of wrath

Sunday morning listen to civilizations mechanical Cartesian rhythms

the coffee bean came from poverty-stricken Columbia
milk from a bovine destined for slaughter
no sugar

life is sweet enough.

I know a song that has no beats, no rhythms
and no sounds

haunting echoes of the universal

all my strophes and all my chorus

tenor, symbol, metaphor

when it’s structural, it’s all you can do

to taste the acid the song goes roar

I am iambic pentameter who you always bring back because you don’t have enough
money to live in Montreal
or the moon.

I am the only thing right with the world
I am a natural desire
natural man-flesh
I vibrate to the low frequencies
touch the high ones too
I am the pure DNA between flesh and God

I am an ox

When I was young
my life was Epicurus’
now I am old
Diogenes has taken hold

I need something that rhymes with the sound of a siren
to de-cauterize my neighbourhood
life is desperate
life has a grudge against us
and death loves us too much

Finding meaning is not impossible, it’s just nobody bothers with it.
we ghost the world.


Copyright© 2022, by David Groulx. All Rights Reserved.

David Groulx’s 11th book of poetry, From Turtle Island to Gaza (Athabasca University Press), was released in 2019.


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