Disintegration at Four O’Clock

Disintegration at Four O’Clock

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dali. 1954

John Wick is cool
If you like that sort of thing
And I do
But not for the usual reasons

He’s in-de-struct-able
And that can come in handy – a lot
That’s really it in a nutshell
And, no, he doesn’t have
Superpowers – per se
He just survives when others don’t
– like moi
For instance

Like when I’m fighting my usual endless battles
Against ancient but lively assassins and
I keep dying over and over again
John Wick just goes from one head-bashing
To another and another
As if he could and should say:

“Was that a fly a fly that touched me just now?”
“Aww, it was just a little scratch!!”

And so I’m envious
Because I could really use that kind of
That sort of
That, well, ferocity of purpose right now

You see, I’ve been without it for so long
And my repeated fights with ancient assassins
Their ways and their uncanny skill-sets
– it’s all gotten to be a bit much!

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