Donal Mahoney: Sadie Says

Donal Mahoney: Sadie Says


Pedro, Pablo and Little José

I have spent an hour
lying in the sun
on Joe Brickle’s farm
waiting for Pedro and Pablo
to fetch Little José

with his sickle and scythe
to cut down the high grass
so Pedro and Pablo
can gun their mowers
over the cowlicks.

After Joe Brickle died
the grass on his farm
soared to the sky.
His goats ate it all
till his son flew home  

and trucked all the goats
to the slaughterhouse.
At Sadie’s Cafe in town
old friends of Joe declare
goats bring a good dollar.

I have not wasted my time
lying in the sun today.
I’ve been watching
two doves on the ground
walking in circles

waiting for a sparrow
to land and dance on
the rungs of the feeder
Joe Brickle hung  
in his Dogwood.

The doves need the seed
the sparrow will scatter.
Joe Brickle named goats
after prophets in the Bible.
He might be happy to know

that I’ve named the doves
Pedro and Pablo
and the sparrow
now landing  
is Little José.



Sadie Says

Perhaps it’s true
perhaps it’s not

we’ll never know  
if it’s the reason

Sadie sleeps
till noon each day

then with her limp
walks to the beach  

to feed wild cats
but never a dog

because Sadie says
everyone knows

cats are poetry
dogs are prose.



— by Donal Mahoney


Copyright© 2012, by Donal Mahoney. All Rights Reserved.


Donal Mahoney, an immigrant from Chicago,
lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He has had poetry
and fiction published in print and online publications
in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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