Dr. Ernest Williamson III: In Conversation With my Art

Dr. Ernest Williamson III: In Conversation With my Art

My unconscious mind frequently transfers experiences or snippets of information or images to my conscious mind and I feed off of that and create art.  I work best when I have extended periods of time to work on my paintings, usually during the weekends.

Politics, nature, good and bad experiences, and the possibilities of creating something truly novel all inspire me.  The works of Picasso and Dali still inspire me today and my creative efforts inspire me as well.



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Dr. Ernest Williamson III has published poetry and visual art in over 400 national and international online and print journals. Some of Dr. Williamson’s visual art and/or poetry has been published in journals representing over 35 colleges and universities around the world. View over 1200 of Dr. Williamson’s paintings/drawings on this website: www.yessy.com/budicegenius


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