Dreaming of Greece

Dreaming of Greece

Days of Sappho, by John William Godward. 1904

Before I die, I will sleep in a temple in Greece, a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. I will wake transformed, and wander the hills and valleys once seen by Achilles, Diomedes, Perseus and Heracles. I will find the place where Odysseus came ashore after his exile. I will find the treasures of Mycenae and walk where Agamemnon walked. Athena will watch over me. I will not let a moment pass without finding the ancients in the air.

Before Nietzsche, Greece was sunlight and the shining power of rational thought. After Nietzsche, Greece was Dionysian as well as Apollonian. Today, for those who live there or travel there, there must be a new complexity, a new set of variables that destroys dichotomies.

Velma Jean Reeb has been there and offers us poetry in celebration of her travels. We welcome her to Spinozablue.

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