Emily Ramser: First Flight


Heron Wings

For Justin Heron


heron wings floating
caressing clouds softly, they
glide through hot air drafts
shoulders extended
painting shadows, blanketing
ripples and swimmers
patterns on water
criss-cross slits of black and blue,
cobalt tipped feathers
soaring up into
the palace of the sun, bills
of light sunshine straw
cradling newborn and
ancient in the crest of its
eyes. spiritual friend.
wing-tips touching souls
of those past and gone, sending
onwards and beyond


— by Emily Ramser


Copyright © 2012, by Emily Ramser. All Rights Reserved.


Emily Ramser is a high school author living part time between North Carolina and California. She has been published in a small school anthology as well as in the online lit magazine, The Crocodile Journal. She also works with Stage of Life as a featured blogger and on the team of a local magazine based at Living Word Church. She wishes to be published so that she might touch the world with her words.



Emily Ramser: First Flight
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