Evolution, Contradiction, Continuity


She youtubes in beauty like the night . . .

The videos below speak volumes, compress volumes, compress centuries. The democratization of media brings us closer. Closer to each other, to the past, to a future in which we can and should and will question everything, question all authority, all gatekeepers, all modes of exclusivity, while we celebrate excellence. While we add to the march of that excellence and expand the base. On and on and on.

It is that base we must broaden. It is for inclusion that art lives and breathes and lifts up and shatters walls and barriers and all obstacles, all the time. Without a pause in the march toward the all-inclusive Republic of the Arts.

Once upon a time, we had a Republic of Letters. New technologies add new methods and modes to that republic. Let it be!!!

500 years of Women in Art. 500 years of transformation, transition, luminosity, and determination.


“Women in Film”


Evolution, Contradiction, Continuity
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