Floating in my Tin Can

Floating in my Tin Can


NASA Icebridge Project

Live for today?
This may be among the most pressing
Questions of the era
Given the fires the seas the melting ice caps

Why is it so profoundly important?
Because I said so
That’s why

And because I just said that
You stopped reading
Most likely
Which leads to our next proposal:

Dance sing play the drums
Piano Guitar Bass
Like it’s the End of the World
Like no one is watching

While being cleverly

So that they don’t care
But they do
So that while they’re whirling dervishes
In front of us

Dionysian in front of us
They realize something way down deep
In their guts
In their DNA

We’re just passing through
We’re going to pass on
We’re going to be forgotten
All of us

As a species
Unless we
Unless we sing dance play music
As One as a Species as a People

Who really like four temperate seasons

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