Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Happy Birthday, Darwin!

Charles Darwin. 1868. Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron.

Just a tad late on this one. Charles Darwin was born 200 years ago, on February 12th. His revolutionary work lives on, despite opposition by the sadly misinformed, to put it gently.

A great link to the study of evolution is here. I think it is incumbent upon anyone who criticizes the theory to actually understand it first, and not to create endless strawmen to knock down. We only hurt ourselves and our own future when we refuse to confront its implications. Building from the foundation of this theory, we have the potential to advance many divergent tributaries of science, and perhaps unlock essential keys in the battle to fight a multitude of diseases. Dismissing the theory, running from it, hiding behind religious belief, we are far more likely to stay in a new Dark Age. Darwin lit the light for us. We need to carry the torch onward.

Richard Dawkins on the Genius of Charles Darwin.


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