Happy Bloomsday 2021!

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when we celebrate James Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses, and Leopold Bloom’s long day’s journey home to Molly Bloom.

An excellent source for the above, from the James Joyce Center:


Kate Bush based the title tract of The Sensual World (1989) on Molly Bloom’s “Yes” soliloquy. The video adds dance to this. Kate as Molly, as herself, as every woman, as every human “touched” by the luminous, the unrepressed, the truly free.

“The Sensual World”

 At its best, Art focuses, expands, energizes the mind, as it highlights the complexities driving us to explore the inside-out. When we give it its due, pay true attention, give it time and space to breathe within us, we fight back against those who work so hard to block us from that sensual world — from our humanity.


Happy Bloomsday 2021!
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