Robert Mueller: In the Shadow of Yevgeny

Robert Mueller: In the Shadow of Yevgeny

Scene by Scene

There is this furnace of the pounding,
and then there is this and more
and delicately the surrounding
of white flakes.

There is a brush-up in the waiting
where the birds paly greyed
in slanting pike charge, and lately
the crinkles clasp.

And then there is more, much more
than this, like heaps by the forest
meant to be lumbered o’er, hungered
as if a straight.

And as if the likelihoods of streams
relenting this, that and everywhere,
there is snow and its channels, its lockets,
its tricks and its light.

There is this measurement a-galing
of whole world and its wrongs
and right, swollen in the swales of snow
their very burden

tight and soundly bound, safely
and copiously unfoiled in polters
and in touchturns, the spilled
bathing bright cuff.

There is then the radiance of lounging
around in the homing with stuffing
in the eyes in flight, assured
gurgling prayer-beam’s kite.

— by Robert Mueller

After a moment brought to you by Evgeny Zamyatin
Sunday morning at home by the window, December 21, 2008

Robert Mueller is a student of comparative literature, according to the indications on his advanced degree certificate.  He writes for fun, and he maintains a curious and constant interest in books of all kinds.  Mr. Mueller shares an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side with two female cats, Rudy and Grace, a shorthair and a longhair.

Copyright ©2008, by Robert Mueller. All Rights Reserved.

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