Mitch Corber’s windy mischief

Mitch Corber’s windy mischief

Celebrating Beat poet Ray Bremser

You’ve riveted the swivel-mirror with your
reigning game of breakup. Battered eggs renege
a second helping. Saps refute the gluey music.

I’m brothels to a thistle. I’m bootlicks from obeying.
Enter Bremser where the neon adman bellows,
brandishing his tawny beard.

“Kindly time your leap for cheap theatrics!”
Affordable a cordless drill, of tumbling wombs
now doubly whisked to kiss the nipple.

Prison schism scatters rags, as vines climb
the mended fencepost. Would you free a thwarted
comrade? Do weapons spank the cranky?

Vanity o sanitize my sorrows, borrow any feather.
Whether vanes skirmish in the windy mischief,
I’d presume to flutter.


— by Mitch Corber

Copyright ©2022, by Mitch Corber. All Rights. Reserved.

Corber, a founding member and live TV advocate of the innovative art collective, Colab (Collaborative Projects, 1977-1986), is also is a noted filmmaker of “John Cage: Man and Myth” (1990), “Fickle Foliage” (2012), “Leonard Cohen Interview Trilogy” (1988-2013), “Nomads of New York” (2016) and the autobio “A Young 70″ (2019)—viewable online.

He is recipient of a 1987 NYFA grant in the field of Emergent Art Forms.


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