New Fiction, Poetry, and Paintings

Spinozablue welcomes new fiction by Changming Yuan and William Kitcher, plus new poetry by Stephen Mead and John Grey.

Arctic blasts and snow on the ground lead to thoughts about contrasts and contradictions, frozen limbs and warm rooms, then and now. I’m reminded of the ecstatic joys of childhood, sledding down a hill-street, custom-made for such a moment. Custom made for the shouts and echoes, the smell of new snow, and the feeling of frozen mittens stuck forever, if not for Mom.

Perfect in its winter form, as if its designers had checked with neighborhood kids before paving, our hill was a fine old sledding hill, even when I went too fast to avoid crashing into a car tire. Head first. Icicles hanging down from my goofy, dark-green hat, complete with ear-flaps.

Now and then. I was much too young at the time for an evening brandy, of course, handed to me by a friendly soul or a St. Bernard, but that would have made the joy of that day even greater. Warming the heart. Flushing the already red red cheeks. Making the boy who once was pine for an even earlier, longer-lasting winter day . . .

So on this frigid January evening, I doff my cap to the world that once was, and to brighter, warmer days to come . . .

The following paintings were composed with Krita and Gimp brushes and filters. Most used: Krita’s Waterpaint Soft Edges, Block Tectured 2, and Experimental Webs; plus Gimp’s Color and Artistic filters.


New Fiction, Poetry, and Paintings
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