New Poems by Cherene Burdett

Greek Sense

Incendiary imagination
Innocent itch
Love starved luster
Maelstrom magnet
Eros’s day off of erratic erections
Plantar fasciitis gingivitis
Malevolent incline
Surreptitiously dipped
Spear-minted Troy-umphant
Achilles’s day off his feet
Solidarity in confinement woes
Cold imprisonment
Jubilant jailbreak
Sun-crazed fanatic
Icarus’s day off in the shade
Sailing toward an identity crisis
Epic maritime tourist traps
Calypsonian lover’s toll
Penelopean couch-surfer
Odysseus’s day off from travel


Stillborn Prairie

Jim never plowed
Before he went off to college
He got a job in the city
She was a stillborn prairie
His ww1 to end all ww2 forms
A rebirth into his childhood
Distilled clear body
Pure, hard, Hera dancing
Aged, built into beauty
Long-grain yellow Van Gogh depression
Foreign bodies waving in still air
Pulling sands down
Into obscurity
As sound, like death, comes

Scorched providence windowpane, glazing
Dust bowl iron ox
Fragments of sun-down shadows
Immense slow motion
Plough waving gently
Her lips, his dreams
In water, in brush, her lips
Those lips in brush strokes
Hot yellow water spinning
Pagoda of goldenrod, sensual and saintly
Night turning light down
A porch swing night
Childhood destiny left behind
Left waving,


— by Cherene Burdett

Copyright ©2023, by Cherene Burdett. All Rights Reserved.

Cherene Burdett is a recent graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, earning her Masters in English there. From a college instructor to a dementia unit caregiver and to an armed security guard, she has worked in diverse career fields. She hopes to find a Doctoral program to expand her original thesis on how the theoretical alliance between the Mestiza and the Divine Feminine work to unpower the negative consciousness found in diasporic narratives. Immigrants who cross and adopt multiple borders are liberated, not assimilated.


New Poems by Cherene Burdett
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