New Poetry, and Skyfields Falling.

Clyde Kessler offers us a new poem and some wise words of advice when it comes to statecraft and balking skies, among other things of note. Spinozablue welcomes him back into the surrealist fold.

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Speaking of balking skies, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about their true colors and hidden meanings, their portents and judgments, which only we ordained Magi can see. That is, of course, unless a non-Magi person has synesthesia. If they’re so blessed, their seven senses easily overcome the lack of ordination, and more. My own images, seen below, are sadly limited to just six . . .

Just beginning The Equivalents, by Maggie Doherty, which is a fine book so far, and timely, and has me thinking (already) a lot about all the wasted talents through the millennia — because. Mostly just because. No good reason. Not then. Not now. There’s never been a logical, moral, or ethical rationale to exclude so much of humanity, obviously. And while this is self-evidently the case, we’re still not tapping into the potential of true democracy to unlock a multiverse of freedom to create and be and love and live. Not even close. We’re still thinking way too small about how Society could and should be set up to do just that — to emancipate everyone to do and think and create to the best of their abilities. More on all of that Potential Stuff soon.

Anyway, below is a new gallery of my latest paintings. I’ve added a trial run with Corel Paintshop Pro to the mix, integrating this with other software, and I’m kinda sorta figuring things out . . .

As always, your comments are most welcome.

New Poetry, and Skyfields Falling.
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