New Poetry by Peter Jastermsky


In search of intel, we ease up to three teens who are about to shimmy. They
look as if they’re on jailbreak. A clack-clack sound distracts us, and we
wheel around to see two bucks locking horns. In the process, we learn the
grace of standing perfectly still. Then, on top of an abandoned brick
outhouse, the teens reappear. They’re laughing as they strip shingles from
the roof. Clean unmarked squares of plywood emerge, followed by the eaves
with an aura of ancient texts. The line between play and work can get
blurry. There will be stains from roof tar, and tears from rusty nails.
Puncture the skin and someone’s got a shot coming. The deer have heard
enough. They trace a length of fence rail and disappear.


Copyright© 2024, by Peter Jastermsky. All Rights Reserved.

Peter Jastermsky lives among the Joshua trees in the high desert of
Southern California. In addition to writing prose poems, he is the author
of ten books of haiku-based work. His work has been featured in many
journals and anthologies. In 2017, Peter invented a new linked form that is
haiku-centered called split sequence. His book, Just Dust and Stone (Velvet
Dusk Publishing, 2021), is a collection of more than forty collaborative
split sequences, co-written with Bryan Rickert. Peter’s recent books
include Into the Stillness (Red Moon Press, 2023), and songs of blue acorns (Cyberwit,
2024). Learn more at

New Poetry by Peter Jastermsky
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