New Poetry by Daniel Ableev



Oh complex Gran,
let there finally be thy numbers:
First 1 Pafnutian opinion,
thereafter 3 poseiding whales.

What have I left behind but old suffering.
Not head, not feet hold me here.
It was farmer’s naught, obviously,
by the name of Walter.

Yesterday was “hihi” ridicule,
today death is to be applied.
Yesterday: “dadance,”
today: thy soul’s distress.

Complex iterations
seem to the eighth viewer
as rather dull sonuds/echeos,
redolent of unsense, dumb-as-lake.

Gunners from all over,
gunners from every frikkin’ state out there:
Flirting with dadaster
is the way to goo!

A walking pupum,
slowly looking at me,
slowly asking me stuff.
A walking nunum.

Everywhere formations …
(my head is growing).
Colors of perplexion …
(my head is x-wing).


I was bitten by a spider
last summer.
I bit back immediately:
Its head will be missed dearly.

In the abstract’s flow
instead of water is chagrin.
It does right into the ocean,
where lies seem to be the ruling caste.

There is no pig in Silberstein.
Silberstein is taboo anyway.
But if it weren’t for the taboo,
then there would still be a lot of kung-fu.

Since death tends to end life,
which thusly has never existed, ever …
No suffering, no joy,
no Einstein, Harry, droids.

Confused wives’s ankles
rub against Kogel.
Kogel, however, has got 1 bird.
Kogel wants to drive it “home.”

Kogel is hiding behind that mountain of yours,
where Selen is growing rapidly.
Kogel suddenly got afraid
of the Notorious Saxony.

Omens are like little animals:
peeping through small pox,
looking for food and/or gemini,
which happen to be a particularly grey area …

There are those who are “smart,” wise.
There are those who are “well-read,” peeping.
There are the learners who “can.”
And then there is Moennen“.”

Inside the rain

liquids happily splash all over yours truly.
Oh, yours truly is so full of it,
quite the rainiac, to be honest.

—Daniel Ableev


Copyright ©2016, by Daniel Ableev. All Rights Reserved.


Daniel Ableev, *1981 in Novosibirsk, Russia, is a certified strangeologist from Bonn, Germany; he has studied law and comparative literature, writes for the metal magazine Legacy, composes avantsounds for Freuynde + Gaesdte and co-edits DIE NOVELLE – Zeitschrift für Experimentelles; ∞ publications in German & English, print & online (Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti, Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2009, Alu etc.).


New Poetry by Daniel Ableev
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