New Poetry From Canada

I want to draw your attention to new poems by Sean Howard. He’s a noted poet and professor from Nova Scotia, and employs something of the “found object” method to literature, gleaning poetry from such seemingly unpoetic sources as scientific treatises and library card files. We hope to publish more of his work in the coming months.


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Having been busy with many other things, I have not yet finished The Apprentice Mage, by R.F. Foster. But have enjoyed the 350 pages read so far. Am fast approaching the time when John Millington Synge and Yeats cause a riot with the staging of The Playboy of the Western World. Will be posting about that play and its author shortly.

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Wanted again to let the readers of Spinozablue know that we are currently accepting poetry, fiction, essays and reviews for publication. No previous publication is required. The only real requirement is that the work is fresh, original and good. Though that may sound a bit too much like food, it is generally a good recipe for the best in art as well. Bon appetit!

New Poetry From Canada
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