Person, place, or thing

Mirage II

Perception is a trap door in the sky
So they said
As they dragged
And crawled

O’er burning deserts
And rain-soaked fields
On their way into the black
Into night as day as night

For gold and roses were there
Just over there
Just over
The blue horizon

Twice blessed, they believed
But my songs differed
Twice blessed! they cried
But my paintings were oblique


Blues found
Wooden kimonos
For five
Then six

No art for them
Because the moment never came
For backward looks
Or epiphanies

No chorus featured
Wise apocrypha
The moment when —
The space between


—by Douglas Pinson

Feeling productive as of late. Krita has helped. Again, using its impasto brush, mostly, and taking advantage of its multibrushes as well. Also, discovered a trick to make my digital “pen” last a bit longer. Wrapping it with a small piece of TP so it glides over the touch screen. Was having troubles with it getting stuck, here and there, becoming unreliable in the freehand mode.

I’ve started a series, infinite, hopefully, and I’m calling it my Person, Place, and Thing series. Naming my paintings after things like musical instruments, places like Nîmes, France, and a philosopher or two or three.

*     *     *     *     *

Person, place, or thing
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