Phoebe Freakin’ Bridgers Knows the End is Here

Catharsis. We always need at least a bit. In recent times, in the light and darkness of current events, the degree of need has elevated, worldwide, to levels (perhaps) previously unknown. Because along with the endless crises of war, and war, and more war, hunger, homelessness, poverty, and environmental destruction, we also have a pandemic in the mix, and a politics of fear and division that seems to have taken over most of the world.

As is usually the case when perfect storms are raging, we get a lot of people telling us what we really need right now, the special something to at least temporarily alleviate said crises. I’m guilty of such (annoying) gestures at times too, but I won’t be in this particular point in the space/time discontinuum. I will say, however, that I’d strongly suggest . . . it’s just a suggestion, mindya . . . that we may well benefit from some Phoebe Fucking Bridgers (the brilliant and oh so timely name of her website), especially this song/lament/journey/dystopian shock show right now.

It’s Catharsis × 10, as well as being strangely, beautifully vulnerable, edgy, laden with contradictions and just plain old original. In other words, she rocks:


Phoebe Freakin’ Bridgers Knows the End is Here
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