Photography by Ricky Garni

Ricky Garni’s poetry has graced the pages of Spinozablue more than a few times, but this is our intro to his excellent photography. The scenes above are set primarily in North Carolina, where he travels freely. Unlike yours truly, he uses actual professional gear to create his photographic visions. The difference is noticeable.

His photos can be found in many venues across the Internet. I list two such links below:

Ricky Garni on Flickr

Checkerberry Pastures

“As a photographer, I prefer the unposed to the posed, the unlit to the lit, people to places, unfancy to exotic, and the old to the new. Well, that last part changes from day to day – and often more often than that, with gear that includes mirrorless, full frame, and medium frame cameras, ranging from my 1953 Ihagee EXA (a gift my father gave himself on his honeymoon) to the more recent 2019 Fujifilm XT-3 (which I believe might also be a Jaguar car) – and somewhere in between, with Nikon’s 35mm F2 (1976) and the Zenit TTL – made in – yes – the Soviet Union in 1983. As extraordinary as the capacity and capabilities of the newer cameras might be, I adore the unpredictability, warmth, fussiness, depth, and charm of the older film cameras – and a model like Pentax’s 6 x 7 – weighing in at a glamorous 5.2 lbs – could stop a bull elephant in its tracks (not that I would ever want to – I love all elephants and they are very sweet.)”


Copyright© 2021, by Ricky Garni. All Rights Reserved.


Ricky Garni recently retired from his work as graphic designer for a regional wine company and now works as an event photographer focusing on people and places in North Carolina and beyond. His most memorable shoots this year included the 40th anniversary of the No-Wave Band, Bush Tetras in Lower Manhattan, The Piedmont Farm Animal Rescue Event in Pittsboro, the restoration of a hundred year old carousel in Shelby, and last but not least, the Hot Dog Ho Down & Weinermobile outdoors at the Kraken Bar, on Highway 54 in Chapel Hill.

Photography by Ricky Garni
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