Raymond Farr: Love and Ennui

Our Love


The photo of you reading, as a child
on the east side of the willow, is not
enough anymore—a mint on the tongue
in the horrors of evening! But what
do we stand for if not correlations?
We are being snubbed out. We are
glam-ing it down. We are starved for
each other. Are you that indifferent
to what we’ve become? Our lives
are a nightmare always coming to life.
Too much “me” in the mirror. & having
you in the picture just proves we’re
alive. This is the part where death
stacks the deck. We are raging on steroids.
Our fingers are daggers, stabbing at
the first bite of winter breaking.
At the first bite of winter breaking, what
lurks in vapid stage language
appears omnivorous; a species of chronicle
written in blood; a variety of Jones-ing.
We are trapped in between. & with
nothing else to give to each other,
we write our ennui. Intending hope &
reason, we are little pet turtles left out
in the cold. We encounter the void. We
remain, as always, one dirty spoon,
one filthy bowl away from the truth.



— by Raymond Farr


Copyright© 2012, by Raymond Farr. All Rights Reserved.


Raymond Farr (author): Ecstatic/.of facts (Otoliths 2011), There Is Something Missing in the Whole Transaction between Us (Blue & Yellow Dog Press 2011), Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky (Argotist Ebooks 2012).


Raymond Farr: Love and Ennui
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