Rebecca Lee: Extemporaneous Love

The Possibilities


Extemporaneous doesn’t fit. If he were truly Extemporaneous, his syllables wouldn’t stop up the sentence. Something short like ‘cut’ or ‘pretty’ might be in style, but four syllables is not off the cuff. Extemporaneous peers quizzically over small bits of party food.

The party-goer closest, hunches – tiny teeth exposed. He warns off all other Possibilities of trying to snack. The caviar is barricaded by Verboten Love. With swimmable sweaters still tight, Verboten sits in front, blocking any hope of Extemporaneous eating.

Extemporaneous sadly weighs the heavy consequences of knowing forbidden friends. What would a party be without them?


  — by Rebecca Lee
 Copyright© 2013, by Rebecca Lee. All Rights Reserved.


Rebecca Lee has been writing since 1992 and enjoys such authors as: Albert Camus, Augusten Burroughs, and Lionel Shriver. Although she reads mostly novels, she writes mostly flash fiction and poetry. Currently Rebecca lives with her small cat in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia.


Rebecca Lee: Extemporaneous Love
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