Ricky Garni: To Give or Not to Give



Sonata Eyes Part I

Keep in mind that when you call someone Sonata Eyes, you are suggesting that the music that comes from their eyes is played on one instrument only, usually a piano or violin, although I believe that sometimes the violin sonata has a piano accompany it. I am not sure – I will check on it. In the meantime, call someone Violin Sonata Eyes just to be sure, because then they are more complex, unless you hate them, in which you can just call them Sonata Eyes, which will make them less complex and therefore less threatening, or better yet, cross the street and run into the alley that always is there when you want it, it is very convenient.


Sonata Eyes Part II

Of course you could have Sonata Eyes that received sonatas rather than give them. It’s always better to receive sonatas — although not with your eyes. Giving sonatas, with or without your eyes, is a lesser thing, to be sure. Sometimes it’s fun just to imagine what that thing might sound like that you see over there and don’t hear. This is true with everything.


Sonata Eyes Part III

Of the thirty two sonatas he wrote, one was pastoral, one was passionate, one was Jewish, and in one he beat a piano to death with a hammer. This leaves 28: they were OK, I guess. Once a hammer beats you, nothing seems to matter, except your breathtaking Eyes made of Sonatas. Now: back to love.



— by Ricky Garni


Copyright © 2012, by Ricky Garni. All Rights Reserved.

    Ricky Garni is a graphic designer living in Carrboro, North Carolina. His work can be found in EVERGREEN REVIEW, CAMEL SALOON, USED FURNITURE REVIEW, ORION HEADLESS and other places. His latest work, JANUARY, is a sequel to his earlier work, DECEMBER. Although it could be the other way around, with a lot of space in between.




Ricky Garni: To Give or Not to Give
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