Robert Mueller: We Should be Yak Dancing


Yak Dance and Proscenium



makes the mention
of conglamourous totally
awesome by rope or practice tee.
Bruce Lee
doesn’t have a sweet
is a foolish anomaly
and we should never listen.
We are the bistrot
of concatenated overthrow
succeeding to Zeitlichkeit.
Fan, therefore, feathers in night.
As fragmentautilitarianism
please chisel hymn
giantly to the gods.
Next best, token bibulous
goosey fomentors
trammeled in gangling mimosas
terribly to twang odds.
So this is all.
The hips and the mods,
and so this is a suture.
So this is Christlike future
appending hollowly
to very tombs.




— by Robert Mueller


Copyright © 2012, by Robert Mueller. All Rights Reserved.


Robert Mueller has been a frequent contributor of essays and poems to this website journal.  His poetry appears also online in Blackbox Manifold, Mad Hatters’ Review, Ink Node, Moria and elsewhere.  Of major print publications, there are poems by Robert Mueller in First Intensity and American Letters & Commentary, the latter also publishing reviews of his.  Having earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Brown University, he has contributed poetry reviews and essays to many publications, often bringing other languages and thus also distantly-related texts and sources into the picture.



Robert Mueller: We Should be Yak Dancing
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