Sacred and Profane Gardens.

Got in a good walk today, listening to music as I moved through the blue air. Strange beginnings, with “Revolution 9” by the Beatles spinning up first, splitting my head in two, then four, hoping “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” would follow, but she didn’t. Thought, too, about my most recent paintings, and about friends who have already left this world, one who also painted. He was self-taught, and could have been great if he had had the time. July 7th, 1979, and it was over. More on his life and art in the next post. 

Music often does that to me, as does walking. The push-pull of life and death, surprising joys and sorrows, spinning out from the notes and words and visual echoes competing for my attention, again and again. I try to control them, but can’t, so I let them wash over me, especially if I remember not to remember my Zen. And it goes from there. Don’t remember to remember and you will, the right way.

Below are a few of my latest attempts at digital painting. I’m learning as I go. Discovering that Paint 3D is pretty good at showing the work you do, the actual brush strokes you make, unlike some of the other software programs I use. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but it gives me a decent record of free-hand play. The ability to convert to other formats, like Webp and SVG, would be a nice addition, as would blending and mixing with other colors on the fly . . .

There are still too many limitations when it comes to compressing and shrinking images for the Web. More development is needed along those lines, to prevent lost details, including those brush strokes — which means lost art.


Sacred and Profane Gardens.
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