Sean Howard’s star damage

grammar (sentenced, for nietzsche)

the history professor
telling new students
“just keep it simple,
short sweet simple:
subject verb noun
all you need


battle lines

april 27, 2019

bus into bristol, goose-
step on banner: military
boot camp! royal marine
instructor to lick – yum! –
you into shape. (this
being the 21st
century, the


the damage

some students from
atlanta, visiting cape
breton, ‘freaked the
fuck out’ by
the milky

—by Sean Howard

Copyright © 2021, by Sean Howard. All Rights Reserved.

Sean Howard is the author of five collections of poetry, most recently Unrecovered: 9/11 Poems (Gaspereau Press, 2021). His poetry has been widely published in Canada and elsewhere, and featured in The Best of the Best Canadian Poetry in English (Tightrope Books, 2017).

Sean Howard’s star damage
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