Sensible Delusions

Sensible Delusions

The Scream, by Edward Munch. 1893


Death in Life


Fall down breathe out the last
Fall down
Because belief is gone

Tripped up on the way
Tripped up
Because an earlier time
An earlier phase

Made one feel
That now was endless
Now was always

And the end was so far away
We could afford to give it all up
In the moment

We could afford to be reckless
With our lives because we thought
There was so much left in the bank

Time bank
Time lockbox

How much of aging is
A matter of
Coming to terms with a false sense of

How much of maturing
Is simply the rationalization
That we were wrong to hope for so much
When young?

We were right then for the wrong reasons
We are wrong now for the right reasons

It’s never too late to make
Insane leaps into the irrational

We’re always already there


— by Douglas Pinson


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